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Calling All Voice Users!

That means you...



   restaurant hosts and servers


   trial lawyers

   tour guides


   retail workers

   ...and more!

   Queer friendly!

I offer basic spoken voice coaching on a case-by-case sliding scale to make my services accessible to anyone who wants to develop and maintain healthy vocal habits. In a busy city like Toronto—a city of restaurants, universities, shops, board rooms, and traffic noise—people use their voices in a professional capacity far more frequently and more vigorously than what would be considered average daily use.


Without certain habits in place to protect the vocal cords from overuse, the end of the day can find many people feeling hoarse, dry-throated, and even anti-social. With a simple collection of accessible tools used for training actors in the theatre, I aim to help you improve your vocal and emotional resilience to help get you through even the toughest days. 

If you have any specific questions or concerns, or just want to know more about what I do, please visit the "Contact" page!

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